My name is Stephanie Jane (formerly Teitsworth)  and I am an artist, a creator of whimsy, a seeker of Spirit, a believer in destiny and a higher call, an advocate for kindness, a lover of serendipity, a dreamer, a visionary, a mother, a partner and a friend.


I believe that all things are possible.  I believe that we all have in us an ability to soar—that we each have amazing gifts to bring to this world.  I see beauty in everything.  I see the pearl in every person.  I see joy and wonder in every small thing.  I am grateful for this life that I lead, for the person I have become, for the people brought into my life and for those I have yet to meet.


Stephanie Jane (formerly Dreaming in Color began in 2000, when I was dreaming of a future filled with color and whimsy and living in the truth of who I was made to be.  I discovered myself as an artist and creator of fun and whimsical things.  And somewhere along the way, my dream became a reality as the road I was traveling became a journey of self-discovery.  Some of what I have discovered is this…

The “truth” of who I am (my core, authentic self) and the business I am in the process of building are in complete harmony with one another.  My business is the expression of who I am and it is through this outlet that I can bring my gifts to the world.

I have discovered that I completely desire to live a spiritual life filled with magic and serendipity and JOY.  That is who I am and what I want to share with others—The power of the simple joys of everyday and how to embrace the wonder of them on our journeys.  To surround ourselves with whimsy.  To change our perspective so that we can see the incredible adventure of this life and each moment in it!  May we all see the beauty around us and find the joy that is ours to have despite circumstance.  May we find our light.  Our joy in the journey!  I have found mine in many ways, and in others, I’m still seeking.  I am in process as we are all in process…

I have discovered that life is exactly what we make it and that we have the power to make miraculous changes for ourselves.  Anything is possible, and when we align ourselves with Spirit (God! The Universe!) our life can flow beautifully and with synergy.

I have discovered that I’m always doing the best I can and I will always be exactly where I need to be!

I have discovered that I truly desire to be a force of change in this world.  To help people SHINE.  To show them that it is possible to live every day, every moment with joy.  I desire to see each person find their center--their divine blueprint, and have absolute fun in the process.  I think that sometimes, even the process of self-discovery can be heavy, and often we believe that we are not whole or finished until the end of that journey.  I believe that we are PERFECT at every moment of that journey, and that if we surround ourselves with whimsy and HAPPY, that the process itself can be as wonderful as the end result.  We are ever changing, ever evolving.  Why not smile through it all?


The products of Stephanie Jane have also evolved and transformed over time, and I know that they will continue to do so.  For now, they include magical, transformational boxes (wish boxes, intention boxes, friendship boxes, dream boxes, affirmation boxes, gratitude boxes, treasure boxes, God boxes, milestone boxes), affirmation mirrors, whimsical home décor, jewelry for the soul and much more.  These products were created to remind you of the joy and the whimsy around you.  They are meant to uplift and inspire you to become your best self.  They can be powerful agents of change.

Each product has a message of hope and inspiration and a deeper purpose to help you find your gifts, discover your calling, remember your dreams, claim your beauty and create the life you have always imagined.


And oh, the visions and ideas of what’s to come… The last few years have been overflowing with inspiration and ideas and an amazing vision for reaching out to the world with these whimsical, inspiring products.  I have also been writing, writing, writing inspirational things which will culminate in who-knows-what!  YEARS of journals filled...  I have images coming, many of them which will be incorporated in oracle decks—specific card decks for empowerment and inspiration and growth.  With those, perhaps prints, a calendar, journals, who knows?  The sky’s the limit…or not a limit at all!  


I can’t wait to see what comes next on this joyful journey.  And my hope and prayer is that whatever comes will help to make your life a little brighter, a little more hopeful and inspired.  May you begin to dream or continue to dream.  May you be reminded of the imaginings of your heart and the visions that have come to you over time.   And most of all, may you find JOY in the journey as you dream your dreams filled with color!!  Much love to each and every one of you!  

Be inspired…and SHINE