INSPIRIT Energy Gemstone Bracelets 

infuse your Spirit

elevate your life


Each powerful gemstone is filled with spiritual energy that can bring transformation and change into your life just by wearing them. With over 40 gemstones and themes to choose from, whatever you need most can be found. Each variety boosts lifeforce and vitality while also bringing grounding and stability with the added gemstone of Picture Jasper. A powerful, symbolic gift for yourself or others, they bring needed energy and inspiration for your journey.




Stephanie Jane was born out of the belief that each person on this earth 

was meant to shine in their own unique light, and that by pursuing their dreams

and honoring their intentions, they can make this world a brighter place.  

Our products are created to inspire each of us to seek the truth of who we are, 

find the tools we need to grow, and walk a path that supports a conscious, joyful life.



We have tools to help you find your way...

  • INSPIRIT Energy Bracelets and Earrings for healing and transforming your life
  • ALCHEMY Symbolic Token Products for creating a powerful life
  • Wish Boxes, Intention Boxes, Oracle Cards, Inspirational Mixed Media Art, Jewelry for the Soul, and so much more...for claiming your intentions, taking action on your path, and staying motivated and encouraged on the journey


Be inspired...and SHINE